Another nice piece on your 20 years success

Interview mit dem Chairman & C.E.O.  von Antal International,  Mr. Tony Goodwinn

geführt von „The global recruiter“ Mr. Simon Kent (May 2013)

“Managing people is a challenge if you’re with therm every day,” Goodwin says, “but managing them when they’re far away is even more difficult.” That said, Goodwin says he’s not alone in thinking that the geographical distance between himself and some of those new enterprises could have been a contribution factor to their success. Describing himself as ‘old school management’ Goodwin wonders whether these operations would have grown so well had he been more hands-on. Even if this is so, it is clear his ability to train the people who established these offices cannot be in doubt. …”

Vollständiges Interview mit T. Googwinn als pdf (1,5MB): 20Jahre_Interview_mit_Tony_Goodwin